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This tree is NOT complete and does not include everyone that could be on it (please see further notes at the bottom).

It is mainly intended to indicate how the early Craft left UK shores. Boxes outlines in purple are clickable


This family tree is based on my own research as well as other source material that can be found on the internet, or in books. Despite this, there are some inaccuracies as there is sometimes conflicting information.


It is hard to illustrate what degree level was given by whom,so I have left them off. However, a couple of the more interesting ones are indicated by intermediate yellow boxes.


The years given indicate the first initiation, and in some cases are only approximate but should be within a year either way.


Dancing with Witches by Lois Bourne


Fifty Years of Wicca by Fred Lamond


Rebirth of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente


Craft History Chronology by Roger Dearnaley  A website with some background history.


Don Cardozas' Origins of 'Wicca': A Primer


Archived version of aWebsite about the various lineages focusing mainly on the USA and Canada. There are far more traditions to be found in North America, something that has almost certainly been a result of a much greater population than the U.K.

Notes on Gardnerian Witchcraft in England by Fred Lamond.

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