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Biography and Introduction

Born an idealistic Piscean with a head for science, it is no great surprise that the mystical and magical sides of life had attracted me for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, my first ventures into practical magic were experienced through the likes of the 'Ritual Magic Workbook' by Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki. After dutifully constructing my own personal temple on a white bed-sheet, I started to find this path a little lonely and naturally gravitated towards Witchcraft, which seemed far more gregarious. I subsequently set up a small Pagan/eclectic group in Cambridgeshire. I was, however, eager to find a real Gardnerian or Alexandrian Coven.


A short while later, a peculiar twist of fate meant that I ended up having the good fortune to meet a previously unknown High Priest of The Wica, Charles Clark, who had been friends with Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente and several other early Elders. I was subsequently initiated and trained by Charles and went on to start my own Coven with my then-partner and fellow initiate David Johnson.


In my mid-twenties various life circumstances meant that I had moved several times and I felt that I needed to spend some time exploring the feminine, so I started a women's mysteries group in Nottingham, out of which was born the Nottingham Goddess Camp. Having felt that I had sufficiently explored my anima, I returned to the Middle Pillar, revived my Coven, and started writing.


I have been involved with various Witchcraft and Magical groups for over 30 years. With Dr Stuart Whomsley, I have written academic papers upon transpersonal psychology, Esoteric Orders and Pagan Paths.

My first major book, 'Here Be Magick', about Charles Cardell, Ray Howard and the Coven of Atho was released at Beltane 2022. Please click HERE to order your copy directly from me. Whilst being the victim of the muse behind my book, I  realised that I am a bit of a literary necromancer. There were so many interesting personalities in the occult and esoteric world of the 1950s and 60s, each with fascinating stories to uncover and every muse has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding one for me to work with.

I first set up this website over 15 years ago and kept the domain name active. Whilst its content has always been good, it's outdated look has been niggling me for a while. Now, here it is reborn with a new face. It still has a lot of the same content and I have been and will be adding new. All links should have been checked and as always, if you have any questions, just get in touch! 

Melissa Seims - 2022

Melissa Seims 2007
Me in my van - Daenerys
My Articles on the History of Modern Witchcraft
  • I hope to soon be able to upload my 2022 and 2023 articles on Sylvia Tatham, Robert Turner, Patricia Kopinski and Bill Liddell. Contact me for more info,.

  • My 2021 article 'The Magick and Mystery of Maurice / Margaret Bruce' can be read here.  Over 60 years ago, Margaret transistioned into who she felt she really was. She was also a wonderful magician and knowledgeable occultist whom Gerald Gardner referred to as 'the Magician of the North'. Some of her work has recently been republished by Wishan Books

  • Read my article which looks at the influence on the Coven of Atho on Alex Sanders and Doreen Valiente who used sections of the Coven of Atho material in the 'Libre Umbrarum' section of her 1978 book Witchcraft For Tomorrow. (See Here Be Magick for further details on this.)

  • Here is my first article about Charles Clark, a little-known, early High Priest of the Wica who made it his mission to spread the Craft in Scotland. (PDF version here) (Published in Circle Magazine Issue 93 Spring 2005, The Cauldron No. 116 May 2005, Wiccan Rede Beltane 2005, G.B.G.'s Family and Friends Autumn/Samhain 2005.)

  • 'He Casts The Circle' -  an article I wrote about the 'Weschcke Documents' in which I used original documents to explore how the casting of the circle developed and changed throughout the 1950s. (PDF version here) (Published in The Cauldron, No.120 May 2006, The Cauldron - Brazilian version Edition IX.)

  • 'Doreen Valiente and the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn'. An article about Doreen Valiente and her Golden Dawn notebooks. (Published The Cauldron no.124 May 2007, G.B.G.'s Family and Friends Spring 2007) [NB: This article was heavily revised and updated in 2024 and awaiting publication.]



My Articles on General Magic and Witchcraft
  • 'Who Will Plow My Vulva?' - An article I wrote about Inanna as an insatiable Goddess of Love. (Published in Pagan Dawn, Samhain 2007)

  • Here is a brief introduction to the main branches of modern Witchcraft. This was written as a handout for the annual British Transpersonal Psychology Conference held in 2005 where Dr Stuart Whomsley and I presented it.

  • 'Penumbral Polarity'  An article I wrote about the dynamic dance between the HP and HPs; a philosophy espoused to me, by my initiator.


Ritual Magic and the Golden Dawn
  • Read my article 'Old Magic, New Witchcraft'  written whilst I was looking at The Golden Dawn and it's influence on the Wica. As it's quite lengthy, you can order a printed version from Lulu with covers designed by my late HP, David Johnson, here.

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Picture by Dave Johnson

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