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The Witchcraft Research Association's 'Pentagram' 


In 1964 Doreen Valiente was involved in the creation of the Witchcraft Research Association. It was set up by Gerard Noel in an effort to unite Britain's Witches, no matter what tradition they came from.  To this end, they produced a small publication/newsletter called Pentagram which is available for download below.​​

Its first president was Sybil Leek, then the title went to Doreen Valiente. Gerard Noel tried to keep it going, despite a lack of contributions, until 1968. With the first publication of The Wiccan in July 1968, this magazine became the Pentagram's  natural successor.

A newspaper article about Doreen's involvement in the creation of the W.R.A. (Daily Argus Sept 29th, 1964) can be found here

An article from Prediction (December 1964) written by Justine C. Glass, about the W.R.A. can be found here

PDFs of Pentagram magazine.

Pentagram - August 1964

Pentagram - November 1964

Pentagram - March 1965

Pentagram - August 1965

Pentagram - December 1965


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