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Charles Clark

I first met Charles Clark in 1993 and it felt like a one in a million chance, one could say magical and it certainly felt fatalistic! Charles was a largely unknown character from the early Wica and a friend to Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. In the 1950s, he was charged with becoming the Head of the Scottish Wica and set about earnestly in that mission, establishing several Scottish Covens by the early 1960's.


Later, having been hurt by the activities of the Wilson's, Charles resigned from his position and slipped away into obscurity.


Following the tragic and untimely death of my High Priest Dave Johnson (who thought highly of Charles and had been wanting us to write about him), I sat down, Dave's spirit next to me, and wrote...

  • Here is my first article about Charles Clark, a little-known, early High Priest of the Wica who made it his mission to spread the Craft in Scotland.

  • Here you can find a full transcription of the letter from Doreen Valiente to Charles, referred to in the above article.

Charles Clark speaking about The Wica 

◉ Charles speaking about Gerald Gardner's death.

Charles edit .jpg
Charles talking about Gardner
00:00 / 00:48

◉ Charles speaking about Gardner and the Old Religion.

Charles on the Old Religion
00:00 / 00:26

◉ Charles speaking about the difference he perceived between 'Wica' and 'Wiccan.'

Charles on why Wica
00:00 / 02:35

◉ Charles speaking about Monique and Scotty Wilson (Olwen and Loic)

Charles on the Wilsons
00:00 / 01:49
Younger Charles.jpg

(With thanks to Lady Susanna who taped an interview with Charles in the early 1990's and from which these extracts have been taken.)

Charles Clark's Working Tools

Charles was given most of his magical working tools by Gerald Gardner. Many of these arte now in the archives of the National Museums Scotland. I understand they can be viewed by pre-arrangement with them.


Here are some images of a few of them. (Click for larger images)

Charles' Bracelet, reputedly one of six that were made for High Priests of the Wica to wear. 

charles Clark's bracelet.jpg

 Charles' Scourge with Key of Solomon markings on it.


 A Wand that appear to be made of Ivory and is in two parts which screw together. 


 Another Wand, this one opens up and has a secret compartment in the middle.


 The two sides of a hand-inscribed copper Pentacle about 6" x 6" in size.


A black chalice used by Charles Clark, likely to have been given to him by Gerald Gardner.

charles clark material 032 copy.jpg

Charles Clark's silver salt and water receptacles.

212452975_3810765772379618_1296744928017780925_n (1).jpg

Gardnerian family tree with Charles and many of the other early Craft Elders on it.

Charles Clark's Memorial

On the 14th May 2022, thirteen people, representing several lineages, met at the Holmsford Bridge Crematorium at Dreghorn, Ayrshire to mark the life of Charles Clark and to reveal the memorial stone. We even had one of the Clark-line High Priests, Patrick Duncan, fly over the pond from the USA to attend!

We would never have been able to make this vision a reality if it were not for the help we received from the larger Craft family, all over the world.

Four elemental stones were also laid around Charles' memorial stone, to additionally mark the passing of three of the Clark-line High Priests and one High Priestess.

With many thanks to everyone involved who helped manifest the magic and make this a reality and a place for people to visit.

Here are some pictures:


"...I cannot for the life of me, let any part of the
Craft out of me or tone down, for it is my life, my
reason for living." 


      Charles Clark (26th April 1930-17th August 2002)

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