Doreen Valiente (Ameth) (1922-1999)

Doreen is well-known in the world of Witchcraft. Not only did she know  Gardner and many of the other early Wica, but she also explored other traditions of Witchcraft. Her inquisitive and questing personality meant that she amassed much knowledge, which helped her to write several books on the subject. A woman truly worthy of the title 'The Mother of Modern Witchcraft'.

◉ The Doreen Valiente Foundation have a website you can visit to learn more about this key Elder.

◉ Buy Philip Heseltons biographical book  Doreen Valiente - Witch

◉ Doreen's Books: Where Witchcraft Lives The Rebirth of Witchcraft, Witchcraft for Tomorrow, An ABC of WitchcraftNatural Magic, Witchcraft A Tradition Renewed (with Evan John Jones), Charge of the Goddess (Doreen's poetry - released posthumously).

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◉ An article Doreen wrote about Witchcraft, which appeared in Predicition (May 1964) can be found here.

◉ A newspaper article about Doreen's involvement in the creation of the Witchcraft Research Association. (Daily Argus Sept 29th, 1964) can be found here

◉ An article from Prediction (December 1964) written by Justine C. Glass, about the W.R.A. can be found here

◉ Pentagram, probably the first magazine about witchcraft ever published, features several articles by Doreen. You can read Pentagram here.

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◉ A' Which' on the Witches - another article about Doreen from the Brighton Evening Argus (March 1st 1972)

◉ A short video of Doreen's magical beneficiary, John Belham-Payne, saying something about Doreen's passing, in 1999

◉ A video about Doreen Valiente's final residence getting a 'blue plaque' of recognition.

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◉ Watch a 1989 video called 'Earth Magic' which features Doreen Valiente. The quality isn't great but it's interesting to hear her.