Historical Documents - primary sources providing context

There are a lot of old newspaper articles and documents, scattered throughout this website. This page is more specifically about 'collections' of documents and stories of correspondence between individuals.



Responses to young enquiring minds from Charles Clark 1990s

Charles to MS 25th August 1993

Charles to MS 26th August 1993

Charles to David Johnson 1993

Charles to MS April 1995

Charles to MS 12th June 1995

(NB: the 'Tam' mentioned is not as described, Charles, who had been in isolation for many years,

just didn't know that there was now a 'Whitecroft' line.)

Charles to MS 1998

Charles to MS unsure of year

Letters between Carl Weschcke and Charles Clark 1961 - 1991

Gardner, via Charles was the source of the 'Weschcke Documents'; a series of documents that were initially published in Aidan Kelly's book 'Crafting the Art of Magic' (later revised and published under the name Inventing Witchcraft). Some of the 'Weschcke's' backstory can be seen in these letters.

Charles Clark and Carl Weschcke's correspondence between 1961 - 1991

Letters between Carl Weschcke and Gerald Gardner 1959 - 1960

A discussion about 'The Witches Cradle'

Letters from Doreen Valiente to Charles Clark

Doreen Valiente to Charles Clark 29th July 1963

Doreen Valiente to Charles Clark 11th May 1964

Doreen Valiente to Charles Clark September 14th 1964 (transcript)

Letters from Margaret Bruce, Patricia Crowther, Melita Denning and Ray Bone 

Margarets response to Charles after hearing of Geralds death

Letter from Patricia Crowther to Charles Clark June 1964

Melita Denning (AKA Vivian Godfrey) to Charles Clark May 1963

Letter from Ray Bone to Charles Clark May 1964

Letter from Charles Clark to Anton Miles

Letter from Charles to Anton Miles and partner 'Dianisis'


The Witchcraft Research Association's 'Pentagram' 

In 1964 Doreen Valiente was involved in the creation of the Witchcraft Research Association. It was set up by Gerard Noel in an effort to unite Britain's Witches, no matter what tradition they came from. To this end, they produced a small publication called Pentagram which is available for download below.​​

Pentagram - August 1964

Pentagram - November 1964

Pentagram - March 1965

Pentagram - August 1965

Pentagram - December 1965

Witch by Rex Nemorensis

This 1964 publication caused quite a stir amongst The Wica and people interested in Witchcarft. It was an attempt by Chalres Cardell to discredit Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente.

Here is the 'Earth Religion News' reprint of the original which I understand is a slightly abridged version of the original. Below it can be found the cover and first two pages from the second edition of the original.

'Witch' by Rex Nemorensis - Earth Religion News Version

Second editions original cover and first two pages