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WITCH by Rex Nemorensis

This 1964 publication caused quite a stir amongst The Wica and people interested in Witchcraft because it was the first time that the Gardnerian Book of Shadows was published. This move by Charles Cardell (Rex Nemorensis), was effectively his attempt to discredit Gerald Gardner and his Witchcraft. Many copies were brought up and burnt by Gardnerian witches, though others appear to have used it as the basis for their own Book of Shadows and there is evidence to suggest that Alex Sanders used WITCH, in part, as the basis for his first Book of Shadows. (For more on this see my article in Enquiring Eye April/May 2022 available from here.)

'WITCH' by Rex Nemorensis - digital Earth Religion News Version  - This version does NOT fully reflect 'WITCH' as originally published. 

*UPDATE - You can now BUY a facsimile hard copy of WITCH:*

*A facsimile reissue of the original 'WITCH' has been published by Wishan Books. Click here to buy a copy.*

Second editions original cover and first two pages

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