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Patricia Crowther (Thelema)(1927- )


Patricia is another well-known High Priestess who has done much for the Goddess movement and has written several books. For many years she was married to Arnold Crowther, a stage magician and acquaintance of Aleister Crowley's. Patricia lives in Sheffield with her husband, Ian.

Patricia's books:
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  • An overview of Patrica Crowther can be read here on Wikipedia.

  • An article about Midsummer from the Weekend Telegraph (June 17th 1966), featuring Patricia can be found here.

  • You can find an older article about Patricia taken from Weekend (June 17th-23rd 1981) here.

  • 'Far Out' wrote an article about Patricia in the 1990's. Read it here.

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  • There is a page about Patricia Crowther in French here.

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